Kumpir/turkey potato

Kumpir/turkey potato

2 pieces of large size potatoes
Peas, corn, carrots (some instant in the market)
Tomato sauce to taste
The spicy sauce to taste
Melted cheese can jga mozarela
Pepper powder
aluminum foil

How to Make
Clean wash the potatoes, peeled jgn, then steamed until cooked
Iris jgn to drop out of the potato, mixed vegetable rake kntang meat, mayonise, cheese, spicy sauce and ketchup, pepper, oregano
Cover bottom half bgian potatoes, oven 15 minutes, 190% c
Lift ready to be enjoyed.


  1. 2 buah Kentang ukuran besar
  2. Kacang polong, jagung, wortel (ada yg instan di market)
  3. secukupnya Saus tomat
  4. secukupnya Saus pedas
  5. Keju melted bisa jga mozarela
  6. Oregano
  7. Merica bubuk
  8. Aluminium foil

  9. Cara Membuat

      1. Cuci bersih kentang, jgn dikupas, lalu kukus sampai matang
      2. Iris bagian kentang jgn sampai putus, keruk daging kntang campur sayur,mayonise,keju,saus pedas dan saus tomat,merica,oregano
      3. Tutup setengah bagian bawah kentang, oven 15 menit, 190%c
      4. Angkat siap dinikmati.

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